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Mr. Robot Season 2 Review

Kevin Qosja, Staff Reporter

September 30, 2016

The line between intelligent and self-indulgent is an important one to keep track of. The second season of the hit show “Mr. Robot,” on the other hand, plays jump rope with that line. Its willingness to play with plot structure, narrator reliability and even the role of the viewer makes each episod...

Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 Premiere

Sierra Cotton, Staff Reporter

September 30, 2016

After months of waiting, season 13 of “Grey’s Anatomy” has finally arrived. Last season, we left off with an up-and-coming love triangle, a wedding, a life-threatening birth and a physical assault. All of this summed up to a whole bunch of drama waiting to break the surface and that left the a...

Television Retrospective: Jersey Shore’s Final Season

Elaina Lin, Theatre and Dance Reporter

November 2, 2012

Surfing through channels, a scene of a bitter verbal fight pops briefly across the screen. Further examination will reveal a depiction of people going through their daily lives and routines, nothing too far out of the ordinary. Normally, I enjoy watching reality television, anything from “American ...

An Apology/Love Letter to Cartoon Network.

Drew Scheeler, Film and Television Reporter

October 5, 2012

Hey Cartoon Network! Long time no see! You just turned twenty. Wow. It feels like just yesterday we were growing up together and watching “Hanna-Barbera” shows together and then you starting making your own shows and they were great. I have to confess that I haven’t seen you in quite some time. I m...

A bit of Italian flavor: “Fughe e approdi”

A bit of Italian flavor: “Fughe e approdi”

Joseph Verbovszky, Staff Reporter

April 20, 2012

There is something special about the Aeolian Islands. These small volcanic islands sit in the Mediterranean Sea, adorned with tiny white houses with tile roofs. The sea breeze glides above them like the god of their namesake. What makes these islands stand out from others like them, however, is their...

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