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Hostiles, with its star-studded cast, breathes new life into the Western genre.

Out with the Old West, into the new

Harrison Bloom, Staff Reporter February 16, 2018

Scott Cooper’s “Hostiles” is a Western film which had its limited release last December and was released worldwide on Jan. 26. It tells the story of Captain Joseph Blocker (Christian Bale), an American...

Rated G for excessive greasiness and a good time

Lars Torres, Staff Reporter November 4, 2016

So begins the time of the art films, intellectual blockbusters and innovative features, all put together in the late quarter of the movie year known as “Oscar Season.”  Here comes a standout film...

“The Nice Guys” Stands Out Among Other Blockbusters

Alex Tomazic, Staff Writer June 1, 2016

The year is 1977. It's the era of muscle car, protests, gas shortages and pornography in Hollywood. With very few original movie storylines so far this year (e.g. “Deadpool,”  “Batman v. Superman,”...

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay-- Part 2 loses itself in its fast pacing

“The Hunger Games: Mockingjay– Part 2” loses itself in its fast pacing

Julia Bianco, Director of Web & Multimedia November 24, 2015

Sitting down to write “The Hunger Games-- Mockingjay, Part 2” must have been something akin to looking at your planner and realizing you have four papers, two tests and a presentation tomorrow and...

Ex Machina revisits the Turing Test to explore the differences between  human and robot.

The sci-fi sleeper hit of this summer

Winston Eng, Staff Reporter May 2, 2015

It’s not often that I see science fiction represented well on film. Often, the need to exemplify advanced technological achievements or extraterrestrial invaders overshadow the philosophical thoughts...

“Get Hard:” Offensive, but funny

Roy Chan, Staff Reporter March 27, 2015

Offensive? Definitely. Homophobic and racist? Check. Prison rape? Mentioned every 30 seconds. But is the movie hilarious? Oh, yes it is, very much so. “Get Hard” will not garner stellar critical...

Cinematheque’s September series celebrated British filmmaker

Sunny Kalidindi, Staff Reporter October 31, 2014

During the month of September, the Cinematheque at the Cleveland Institute of Art put on a showcase of the works of British filmmaker and screenwriter Joanna Hogg. They played her latest three films,...

All-star cast can’t save confusing plot

Winston Eng, Staff Reporter October 18, 2014

What could have been a tightly-worded, effective tool to demonstrate the social crisis overtly embedded in modern society, is no more than a confusing and honestly frustrating 119 minutes of stories which...

Embrace the well-written female in cinema

Winston Eng, Staff Reporter October 10, 2014

There is absolutely no reason why we should be rooting for strong female characters in our cinema today. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying that those who identify as female should not be written...

Dash toward the movies for “The Maze Runner”

Sanjana Singh, Contributing Reporter September 26, 2014

After the continuous success of movies based on Young Adult novels, such as “Divergent” and “Hunger Games,” it was unsurprising to have another dystopian, post-apocalyptic trilogy come to the big...

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