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Edmonds: Friends can still be made as an upperclassmen

McCoy Edmonds, Columnist

April 21, 2017

After New Student Orientation, making new friends can be daunting, but people are much friendlier than we often realize. Winding up a junior or senior without a solid group of friends isn’t a failure, but an opportunity. It’s hard to know what kind of friend to look for early on but with age and e...

Edmonds: Parents need to give students space

McCoy Edmonds, Staff writer

April 14, 2017

College for many is a time of increased independence and self-reliance. An education with less structure in a new space and away from parents.  And yet, for some, the parents never really leave. They pay for tuition, monitor grades, call every day and have a say in every big decision. As much as parent...

Edmonds: How to fight the urge to procrastinate

McCoy Edmonds, Staff Writer

April 7, 2017

Procrastination haunts all but the most elite of us. It is persistent, seductive and easy. But it’s also a choice and it’s not one that has to be made. Battling procrastination is not for the weak of heart. It’s a decision to fight one of the most pervasive influences in your life. It’s freeing kn...

Edmonds: The value of poetry to non-poets

McCoy Edmonds, Staff Writer

March 31, 2017

For a long time, poetry seemed dumb and confusing. Every poem we read in my high school English class had some sort of deeper meaning I missed. But the lack of punctuation and grammar involved in writing poetry drew me towards writing a few stanzas. After a few attempts, I learned that poetry could be ...

Edmonds: How to navigate breakups

McCoy Edmonds, Staff Writer

March 24, 2017

College is one of the best times to form relationships and start dating someone, but for many students this is a relatively new part of their life. Thus, breaking up can be a very difficult experience. Hurt feelings, damaged egos and decimated dreams are but a few of the consequences of choosing to bre...

Edmonds: When helping, listen, then speak

McCoy Edmonds, Columnist

March 3, 2017

Confessions are difficult, both for the speaker and the listener. It can be great to get something off their chest but it can be hard as a listener to know how to respond. Confessions can be heavy. They can push one into uncertain territory. The best thing to remember is that listening is key. If yo...

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