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Kadlec: We should be allowed to carry pepper spray

CWRU students are banned from carrying Mace on campus, so it doesn't make sense that it's sold in our campus bookstore.

Hanna Kadlec, Columnist

February 2, 2018

It seems that we can't get a break. Two weeks into the semester, our phones have already begun dinging with security alerts. More than a handful of students have been robbed or approached within the last year, and still more pedestrians are experiencing these incidents in close proximity to our campu...

Kadlec: Campus caffeine conundrum

Cool Beanz is a popular destination for caffeinated beverages at Case Western Reserve University. Caffeine has its benefits, but students need to be aware of its dangers to their physical and mental health.

Hanna R Kadlec, Columnist

October 27, 2017

Whether you grabbed lunch today from a vending machine, stopped by a coffee shop or sat down at one of the dining halls for a meal, these dining options have one thing in common: They promote caffeine consumption. Although Case Western Reserve University doesn’t have any sort of campaign or init...

Kadlec: Food struggles of a student on the go

Hanna Kadlec, Columnist

September 22, 2017

Case Western Reserve University has been making strides within the past few years to support a healthy college lifestyle, such as the Sustainable Food Initiative and the recent campus-wide ban on smoking. Unfortunately, our dining services still fall short of providing students with a way to determin...

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