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Hessler Street Fair 2016

Alex Clarke, A&E Editor

August 19, 2016

Each May booths of art, candles, tie-dye and pottery take over Hessler Street and Hessler Court for the Hessler Street Fair. With these vendors come hundreds of guests that spend the weekend enjoying the peace and love culture of the 60s. The fair is put on each year by the Hessler Neighborhood Associ...

How to turn a frat-ridden street into hippy central for a weekend

Katy Witkowski, Staff Reporter

May 22, 2014

The crooked, grimy red bricks on Hessler Rd. lead all who wander down its path to lead-paint porches and duplexes that have wasted away into shells of the grandiose homes they once were. It’s the perfect place for rowdy college kids to find a home for their natural beer-soaked shenanigans. Usually,...

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