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Moran: If you don’t like it, quit

Taylor Moran

April 8, 2016

Parents and teachers always tell us to stick with the things we decide to do. I personally had parents who told me to stick out activities I didn’t like, for the express purpose of making me a better person. I never understood how making a 10-year-old stick out a summer camp for a sport they clearly...

Make the price worth prize

Make the price worth prize

Taylor Moran, Director of Business Operation

March 25, 2016

Recently I filled out an application for a leadership award. I was nominated solely for my work here at The Observer, but the second page of the application asked me to list three activities that I did. Well, I have another job and am a member of a sorority, but that’s it. I don’t do many extracurricular...

Moran: Please stop talking

Those who have privilege should stop deciding what is offensive to those without privilege.

Taylor Moran, Director of Business Operations

March 18, 2016

Quick fact: I’m black, or at least half of me is. I remember hearing the phrase “You can’t say black, that’s offensive” often as a child. So often that I would start referring to myself and other black people as African-American because I was afraid to offend people. It wasn’t until...

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