The Observer

Who wins?

Ted Howard

October 17, 2014

When I started my career in executive search I thought my job was to fill positions with candidates who met the criteria of the job specifications and the position description. About a week into my first project I realized that that was wrong. Over time I discovered that there was always a plethora of...

Choices: what kind of education, what kind of career

Ted Howard

September 26, 2014

When my two daughters started to look at colleges, I told them they had final say on what college to attend. I did set two conditions which they must meet if they wanted the Bank of Mom and Dad to pay any of it. First, their course work had to be rich in the liberal arts. Second, they must major in something...

Grey men

Ted Howard

September 12, 2014

When I ask my fellow students—an odd and much appreciated relationship and as I am fifty years older than most—why they are here at Case Western Reserve University, almost always the answer is: “To get a great job.” I respect that. Given the cost of a college degree, it is absolutely necessary...

Follow your passion

Ted Howard

September 5, 2014

My good friend Jacob Martin asked me to say a few words about being 70 years in the making and sitting among Case Western Reserve University undergraduates in various classes. My first observation is how polite and civil the CWRU students are. Never have I been on a college campus—and I have been on...

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