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Kinstler: LGBTQIA+ visibility is LGBTQIA+ safety

Ethan Kinstler, Staff Writer April 1, 2022

TW: The following article mentions homophobia, depression, suicide and suicidal ideation. 2,647,755. That’s how many LGBTQIA+ identifying youth there are aged 13-18 in the United States. That’s...

Kinstler: Sometimes life just sucks

Ethan Kinstler, Staff Writer March 18, 2022

Picture this: your friend’s dog recently passed away. What do you say to console her? Do you try to cheer her up? You might tell her, “Everything happens for a reason.” A good approach, right? Wrong!...

Kinstler: Not everyone bakes cake: an explanation of unconscious bias

Ethan Kinstler, Staff Writer February 11, 2022

Let’s start with a riddle: a father and son get into a car accident, and the dad dies. When the boy is about to have surgery, the surgeon says “I can’t do the surgery because this is my son.” How...

Kinstler: Me and my 3,415 closest friends

Ethan Kinstler, Staff Writer January 28, 2022

“Be yourself because everyone else is already taken.” These words were on the poster that stared back at me every day in my seventh-grade math class. This quote was also a favorite of my overzealous...

Kinstler: A love letter to yourself

Ethan Kinstler, Staff Writer January 14, 2022

Recently, a reader of The Observer asked why she still missed her partner even though he had hurt her. She explained that she felt bad for missing someone who clearly didn’t care about her feelings....

Kinstler: Woes of the gifted child

Ethan Kinstler, Staff Writer November 19, 2021

It is no secret that Case Western Reserve University attracts a certain caliber of students: hard-working, driven, motivated and ambitious. Chances are we were the “gifted children” in our elementary...

Kinstler: Spooky season, sweater weather and seasonal depression

Ethan Kinstler, Staff Writer October 29, 2021

Well folks, it’s that time of year again. Temperatures are dropping, days are getting shorter and pumpkin spice and cinnamon fill the air; while sweater weather certainly brings with it some great fashion...

Kinstler: Caught red-handed! How to deal with imposter syndrome

Ethan Kinstler, Staff Writer September 24, 2021

Picture this: you’re about to graduate. Dressed in your cap and gown, you wait to cross the stage to shake President Eric Kaler’s hand. Suddenly, you’re struck by a wave of anxiety. What are you...

Kinstler: Everyone has something

Ethan Kinstler, Staff Writer September 17, 2021

“Everyone has something.” That’s what my Abnormal Psychology professor told our class my first year when we were learning about the barriers that prevent people from seeking therapy. “Everyone...

Kinstler: What is Love? Baby Don’t Hurt Me.

Ethan Kinstler, Staff Writer September 3, 2021

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone, and you feel like things are going great and you’re happy, but in the next moment, it’s like a switch flipped off, and now you feel nothing? Or maybe...

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