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Mizuno: Beware the growing relations between China and Russia

Dane Mizuno, Staff Writer February 25, 2022

It has finally happened. Eight years after the invasion of Crimea, Russia has officially sent troops to the Donbas region—specifically, to the two separatist breakaway regions of Donetsk and Luhansk...

Mizuno: End Putin’s game of Russian roulette

Dane Mizuno, Staff Writer January 28, 2022

In recent weeks, tensions between Ukraine and Russia have never been this high since Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea. Ukraine is bracing itself for a full-scale conflict as thousands of civilians...

Mizuno: The United States has every right and moral obligation to defend Taiwan

Dane Mizuno, Staff Writer November 5, 2021

In recent weeks, Beijing has stepped up its militaristic harassment of the Republic of China—more commonly known as Taiwan—in an increasingly alarming development between the two sovereign states....

Sanae Takaichi, former Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan, seeks to become their first female Prime Minister.

Mizuno: Sanae Takaichi: A leader the world needs

Dane Mizuno, Staff Writer September 24, 2021

On Sept. 3, Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga of Japan announced his decision not to seek reelection. Suga’s inept response to COVID-19 made his approval ratings plunge to below 30%. He received criticism...

Mizuno: Biden’s disastrous foreign policy

Dane Mizuno, Staff Writer August 27, 2021

The Biden Administration announced that by Aug. 31, the United States would withdraw all of its armed forces from Afghanistan. President Joe Biden is attempting to end a war, which, in the early days,...

Mizuno: Bypassing the filibuster with budget reconciliation is a mistake

Dane Mizuno, Staff Columnist April 16, 2021

Last month, budget reconciliation was used to push forward the $1.9 trillion stimulus in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, Democrats are again attempting to use budget reconciliation as a way to...

Mizuno: Why racism won’t ever go away

Dane Mizuno, Staff Columnist April 2, 2021

It has been more than two weeks since a gunman killed eight people and wounded one person in Atlanta. The shooter has since claimed that the motivation for these shootings was purely due to his sexual...

Thousands of people take the streets of Myanmar to protest the military coup, despite attempts to silence them.

Mizuno: A draconian coup deserving condemnation from humanity

Dane Mizuno, Staff Columnist February 19, 2021

Feb. 1, 2021. It was on this day that the military of Myanmar, the Tatmadaw, instigated a sudden and swift military coup d’état by deposing and replacing numerous ministers and taking control of the...

The Robinhood app transformed online investing, but has recently come under criticism for preventing people from interacting with GameStops stock.

Mizuno: Reddit commoners declare a populist war on wall street: Why Robinhood is a traitor to us retail investors

Dane Mizuno, Staff Columnist February 5, 2021

A hedge fund financially dead. A brokerage firm facing litigation. Blood has been shed, and that is not the end of it. The ravages of this blitzkrieg war, which was initiated by the commoners against the...

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