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Freshmen, wear clear safety goggles when entering your nightmare

Zak Khan August 20, 2015

To incoming freshmen, by now your orientation leaders and other folks you’ve met at Case Western Reserve University have probably told you how great it is here. They may have waxed eloquent on how “accepting”...

Is it the summer you wanted?

Zak Khan June 17, 2015

Is it the summer you wanted? Is this that summer? The one that you are going to all the events you swore you would? Does that matter? I often find myself asking whether it was that summer as it ends....

The threads of your diploma

Zak Khan May 26, 2015

Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), according to Case Western Reserve University and almost everyone, is the be-all end-all of degrees. After many tears, late nights and much blood, I received...

Why I complain

Zak Khan May 12, 2015

All I do is complain. At least, that’s the accusation levied at nearly the entire Observer opinion staff. And, in some ways, it’s true. It’s a part of my job to angry bark about something for around...

The damsel of Ohio

Zak Khan May 4, 2015

Cleveland can be a fickle mistress. At times She blesses us with 70-degree mid-April days, and then plunges the last week before May down so low we see snow. Her neighborhoods at times actively welcome...

What Greek Life recruitment can teach us

Zak Khan April 23, 2015

As we look back at this year, one thing I notice is the focus on Greek Life. All of the focus on Greek Life problems got me thinking: Greek Life is very good at getting rather uninvolved students to participate. They...

Hotels as dorms offer contrast, perspective

Zak Khan April 16, 2015

Upon entering college as a freshman, you can be sure to look forward to at least one thing: a dorm. Look forward to, that is, cramped quarters, questionable roommates and strange noises from next door....

Starbucks lovers

Zak Khan April 9, 2015

I pay around 30 cents a cup for my daily morning cup of tea. Because I make it at home. Of course, I have the privilege of time to do so. Recently we learned that Bon Appétit and Starbucks had discontinued...

Brag about yourself, Cleveland

Zak Khan April 2, 2015

I like to think I have talent in some things. I did manage to land this writing gig. But like most Clevelanders, I don’t actually often tell others about what I do. Newly admitted Case Western Reserve...

CWRU transportation missed the bus

Zak Khan March 26, 2015

Every Case Western Reserve University student, regardless of major or year, has the common denominator of a commute to class. Like most things at CWRU, those commutes bring us together because they cause...

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