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Jawhari: A case for anti-social media

Sarah Jawhari, Columnist

September 23, 2016

I read my old writing, cringing and rewording in my head, the vantage point of a more mature reader letting me judge the “me” that used a trite metaphor or botched syntax. Somehow a few lines are good. Really good. They stand the test of time for their insight and innovation. It may be that they...

Kolison: Depression is silent

Kolison: Depression is silent

Stephen Kolison, Columnist

September 23, 2016

Many people like to pretend that if they cannot see something, then said thing does not exist. For instance, if I don’t look at my bank account, then I can make it rain like a Romney. I’m still a healthy 150 lbs if I can’t see my scale. I have a 4.0 if I don’t look at Blackboard Learn. Unack...

Menon: Decluttering your life

Arundhati Menon, Columnist

September 2, 2016

It all started a few months ago when I was having a Zoella, a popular YouTuber, video marathon—a regular occurrence when you have an affinity for locking yourself in your room alone regularly, like I do. In one of her older favorites videos—I can’t tell you which one since I don’t remember...

Assmus: It’s time to get off your phone and pay attention

Assmus: It's time to get off your phone and pay attention

Abby Assmus, Columnist

September 2, 2016

It is the beginning of a new semester, an exciting time for many people on campus. Whether you are returning to campus from spending the summer away and finishing your remaining undergraduate years here or being new to the area and starting your degree, you will most likely be meeting new people. These re...

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