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The food court in the Tinkham Veale University Center. What is not apparent to students is the hidden technology that makes the building energy efficient.

Eckert: Hidden in its walls, technology keeps TVUC green

Brian Eckert April 8, 2016

I was pleasantly surprised by The Observer’s recent article, “The view from the green roof.” The Tinkham Veale University Center (TVUC) is more than just a heated walkway in the winter and a cooled...

Flowers blooming on trees outside of Severance Hall. Spring is here and the last stretch of the semester is in sight.

Eckert: Spring is here, you’re almost there

Brian Eckert April 1, 2016

In last week’s issue, the thought of spring and the end of the year was brought up in the article “Rounding Third”. It was a great piece and very inspirational for the bogged down student dying for...

More printers, better maintenance

More printers, better maintenance

Brian Eckert March 25, 2016

For myself, wēpa printers have been one of the most problematic things on campus and can be fixed without much work. The printing situation wasn’t that bad my first semester. I didn’t need to print...

The new donation system gives CWRU an edge when it comes to attracting students.

Eckert: New donation system helps student scholarships

Brian Eckert February 26, 2016

In the last issue of The Observer, there was an article titled “Scholarships get personal.” This story discussed an addition to Case Western Reserve University’s policy on scholarships. There is...

Eckert: College admissions process shouldn’t be taxing

Brian Eckert February 19, 2016

In last week’s column I discussed a new project headed by Harvard Graduate School of Education titled Turning the Tide. Through this project, the supporters are attempting to relieve some of the stress...

The Common Application is currently the most widely accepted application by universities.

Eckert: College admissions decisions should weigh service higher

Brian Eckert February 12, 2016

The college application process can be one of the most stress-inducing periods in a student’s life. Trying to pack four years of accomplishments and honors into one single application isn’t an easy...

Eckert: Crisis in Flint improving but irreversible

Brian Eckert February 5, 2016

The water crisis in Flint, Michigan has been going on for over a year. The residents are facing high levels of lead in their water supply. This is potentially dangerous not only for drinking purposes,...

Eckert: Over break, CWRU became the home longed for

Brian Eckert January 15, 2016

Looking back on winter break, I hope everyone enjoyed spending time with their family and reconnecting with old friends. Personally, I was ready to come back to school on Dec. 26. I fulfilled my family...

Eckert: Know your mental health, options for treatment

Brian Eckert December 4, 2015

Mental health has been a social topic that is much too frequently put on the back burner. Millions of people suffer from mental illness not only in America, but across the world. Mental illness affects...

Eckert: Find your passion

Brian Eckert October 30, 2015

College is always a time full of change. From what I’ve heard, I would guess that about 99 percent of college students change their mind about what they want to do or study during their four years. Personally...

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