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Chakraborty: Lochte’s lack of punishment

Ankita Chakraborty, Columnist

September 2, 2016

Ryan Lochte’s name has been plastered across headlines everywhere, with many claiming the Olympic athlete has landed himself in hot water. However, to many it seems that Lochte has not yet received much punishment for his misconduct at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Claiming that he and his friend...

Chakraborty: Phelps deserved to be flagbearer

Ankita Chakraborty, Columnist

August 20, 2016

As we all witnessed, Michael Phelps, our most celebrated American swimmer and winner of 28 medals, accepted the honor and was holding the flag during the opening ceremony of the 2016 Olympics. Many still believe he made the wrong decision and should have stepped down to let Ibtihaj Muhammad, the first...

Chakraborty: Not Enough Publicity for Zika Virus

Ankita Chakraborty

June 23, 2016

You may have heard recently of the Zika virus. It is spreading rampantly, and healthcare experts have been issuing warnings nonstop about being wary of the disease. It is well known that the Zika virus is concentrated in Latin American countries with a fair chance of spreading upwards into the United States....

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