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“Survivor: Kaoh Rong” makes it first impression

Julia Bianco, Director of Web & Multimedia

February 17, 2016

“Survivor” is back, and, like any show in its 32nd season, it’s returning to what works. “Kaoh Rong” is going back to “Cagayan’s” brains vs. brawn vs. beauty three tribe structure, with a whole new cast of pretty, strong and smart contestants angling for the million dollar prize. Here...

“Survivor: Cambodia” marks the show’s best season in years

Julia Bianco, Director of Web & Multimedia

December 17, 2015

What. A. Season. “Survivor” promised us something great with their gimmicky “Second Chance” concept, giving viewers the power for the first time ever to choose the game’s players out of a pool of former contestants, and boy, did they deliver. This season’s greatness definitely started in...

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