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Solanki: An open letter on STEM elitism at CWRU

STEM majors often criticize majors such as psychology, without realizing the benefits the subject brings to the world.

Rishi Solanki

November 6, 2015

As engineers, we are taught that we move the world. We build. We design. We create. If it has electricity running through it, if it uses computers, if it is made of any material, if it was manufactured in a factory, if it was transported, machined, designed, distilled, implanted or synthesized, we made...

Rishi Solanki: Is Donald Trump the only genuine politician?

Rishi Solanki

October 2, 2015

By now we are all familiar with the antics of “The Donald.” He promises to “Make America Great Again.” He launched his campaign by boldly proclaiming Mexican immigrants were “rapists.” He has made fun of Senator John McCain, a man who still can’t raise his hands above his shoulders due...

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