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Student organizations and leadership roles can begin to overwhelm you. How do you balance generating resume items with maintaining your sanity?

Kim: Striking a balance as a student leader

Won Hee Kim, Copy Editor April 12, 2019

One of the hardest parts of having a leadership role in a campus organization is time management. As the spring semester winds down, many clubs have started the process of electing and training new officers,...

Kim: No shame in taking Pass/No Pass courses

Won Hee Kim, Copy Editor March 29, 2019

My fingers trembled as I typed in the request. I double-checked my grammar. I changed a few words, moved the mouse over and hit submit. You can’t take back the request, the system warns me. Don’t...

Kim: The Commuter Lounge is no longer exclusive

Won Hee Kim, Copy Editor February 22, 2019

The graduate students are taking over the Commuter Lounge. This may be an overly dramatic way to put it, but since Feb. 11, the graduate students have gained access to the safe haven of Case Western Reserve...

Kim: Cory in the house

Kim: Cory in the house

Won Hee Kim, Copy Editor February 8, 2019

When I saw that Democratic Sen. Cory Booker announced his intention to run for the presidency in 2020, I was excited. It’s not because he grew up in Harrington Park, New Jersey, only miles away from...

Kim: Difficulties with winter break housing

Won Hee Kim, Copy Editor January 18, 2019

Securing housing for winter break can be confusing and scary, especially for underclassmen. You live on campus for a large part of the year, creating a home for yourself, and then you’re told to get...

Kim: The power in walking away

Won Hee Kim, Copy Editor November 16, 2018

On Nov. 3, the transgender community of Cleveland gathered together for a rally by the Free Stamp downtown in response to President Donald Trump’s leaked memo on the definition of gender. I learned about...

Kim: How it feels to get help

Won Hee Kim, Copy Editor November 2, 2018

I fell into a major depressive episode last Saturday. Over that week, I had been interacting with so many people and doing so much work that the stress became overwhelming. But I continued to force...

Kim: Unpaid internships give unfair advantages

Won Hee Kim, Copy Editor October 12, 2018

This summer I had an unpaid internship with a local nonprofit, Lake Erie Ink. I was able to learn many things about the administrative side of nonprofit organizations, as well as specific skills such as...

Kim: The conflict between higher education, work and motherhood

Kim: The conflict between higher education, work and motherhood

Won Hee Kim August 24, 2018

Chatting with an employee at my summer internship, she revealed that she never really saw herself becoming a mother. She knew that she would have children but only in the abstract. Well, she had her child,...

Kim: Using the summer to get ahead

Won Hee Kim, Columnist April 27, 2018

As the semester comes to a close, my friends and I have been discussing our summer plans. Several of them plan to stay in Cleveland and take courses over the summer; others have lined up part-time jobs;...

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