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A colossal remake for PS4

Paul Palumbo, Contributing Reporter

February 23, 2018

The good news is, the Ancient God you found can totally bring your beloved back to life. The bad news is, his payment for doing so is 16 massive corpses. “Shadow of the Colossus” is a remake of the beloved Playstation (PS) 2 game, and all of the classic elements have returned. You’ll find y...

All-out war has never looked and felt so beautiful

Lars Torres, Staff Reporter

October 28, 2016

In an age marred by a constant stream of conventional and generic futuristic first-person shooters such as “Call of Duty”, the “Battlefield” series has been guilty of subtly moving in this direction. Now, EA Digital Illusions CE AB (EA DICE), the developers of the popular “Battlefield” serie...

The simplicity of Tetris and the complexity of the mind

Adithi Iyengar, Copy Editor

October 2, 2015

When comparing aspects about what makes a person a novice or an expert, the differences may seem innumerable. That is exactly what Dr. Wayne D. Gray, professor at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, examines in his work. On Sept. 24, the Cognitive Science Student Organization (CSSO) hosted a talk...

Nintendo releases new, customizable Mario game

The game gives players a creative look into the Super Mario world.

Brian Sherman, Staff Reporter

September 18, 2015

On Sept. 13, 1985, Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka revolutionized the world of videogames with “Super Mario Bros.,” widely considered to be one of the best platforming games of all time and a classic among classics. It was even the best-selling video game of all time until “Wii Sports” too...

Nintendo Direct defies April Fools, announces upcoming games and products

Brian Sherman, Staff Reporter

April 10, 2015

Last Wednesday, April 1, Nintendo released a Nintendo Direct, a short presentation about upcoming products and games coming to Nintendo’s consoles, the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U. Despite the peculiarly chosen date, none of the games presented were an April Fool’s joke. “Super Smash Bros. f...

Nintendo’s latest console includes innovative features

Brian Sherman, Staff Reporter

February 27, 2015

For all the great games it produces, Nintendo’s creativity in console naming hasn’t been quite as strong these past few years. After the confusing title for the Wii U and the even more confusing Nintendo 2DS, Nintendo’s newest console is named the New Nintendo 3DS. No, not a new 3DS console,...

Razer brings VR and more to the CES show floor

Razer demoed their newly announced OSVR headset at CES

Joseph Satterfield, Web Editor

January 8, 2015

Razer, manufacturer of PC peripherals and accessories, brought a diverse portfolio of products for gamers ranging from the most casual to enthusiasts. In addition to their usual slate of accessories, the company also introduced its competitor to the Oculus Rift, the OSVR headset. Although strong in concept,...

Oculus Rift Crescent Bay Hands On

Oculus VR's latest prototype was on display at CES 2015

Joseph Satterfield, Web Editor

January 7, 2015

Oculus VR brought the latest prototype of their popular Rift headset to the CES show floor. This new prototype, given the code name Crescent Bay, added full three dimensional head tracking and built in audio output to the headset while improving the already impressive screen used to create the virtual rea...

The great debate

Brian Sherman, Staff Reporter

November 14, 2014

Thousands of fans cheer as the competitors enter the stadium. Millions more watch from home. Beads of sweat masked by a bold show of confidence, the two opposing teams promptly… sit down? It seems these players won’t be using their physical strength in this competition. They aren’t playing football,...

NBA 2K13 Review

Michael DiMauro, Chief Copy Editor

October 5, 2012

So if you had a basketball game that is consistently one of the biggest sports games every year, would you take your foot off the gas? Well NBA 2K13, executively produced by Jay-Z, certainly hasn’t. Jay-Z definitely was looking to keep improving on the already fantastic elements of NBA 2K13. No...

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