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O’Hagan: Stand up against terrorism, do not fear it

JP. O’Hagan

November 10, 2015

One cannot imagine the pain, the confusion or the terror of an attack like the one seen in Paris last weekend. I know that I will never truly understand how those directly affected feel. However we don’t need to have experienced the horror to have it permeate our lives. That is what the attackers want....

JP. O’Hagan: Can’t we all just get along?

JP. O’Hagan

September 11, 2015

There is an old journalism theory that states if the headline of a piece asks a question, the answer to that question is always no. The same holds true here. Can’t we all just get along? No. Now by no means am I saying that we can't eventually get along or that many of us currently get along. However,...

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