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Du: Social sciences, humanities courses deserve more credit

Social science courses are often assigned fewer credit hours than those in the STEM departments, which often feels unfair. What must be done to give these classes the credit they deserve?

Erya Du, Staff Columnist

April 12, 2019

As we approach the end of the semester, stress levels have been turned up to the highest setting. For me, the Java projects have become even more laborious, the economics exams didn’t go as planned and even German has begun to challenge my confidence from time to time. It often happened at night that...

Du: The problem with information pursuit

Erya Du, Staff Columnist

February 22, 2019

In the information age, we all have the habit of checking our phones and seeing what is happening in the world wherever we are. News inevitably floods into our lives, just like how the snow from Monday’s storm flooded into my eyes. Back when information was not so easily accessible, the news was...

Du: Quickly losing youth

It's easy to start feeling old when our favorite artists fade into obscurity. Ed Sheeran is one singer who can make us feel old even as he's retained relevance. Courtesy Eva Rinaldi

Erya Du, Staff Columnist

February 8, 2019

Just as math instructor Chris Butler predicted during our first math class this semester, the weather in Cleveland was terrific until we came back. These days are just so cold that I have to drag my Canada Goose coat out every day so that I don’t get too chilly. However, the jacket only covers my upper...

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