The Observer’s Weekly Playlist: 2/21/2013

Jason Walsh, Music Critic

The Strokes – “All The Time”

“All The Time” is the second single from the upcoming Strokes album Comedown Machine, set to come out Mar. 26. “All The Time” has a lot less synths and is a lot better than the first single “One Way Trigger,” which is a good sign for the album.


AraabMuzik – “Never Have To Worry”

AraabMuzik is maybe the most technically impressive hip-hop producer. Watching him use an MPC is truly mind-blowing. “Never Have To Worry” is his new single and it’s worth listening to if only because it’s AraabMuzik.


Ghostface Killah – “The Rise of Ghostface Killah”

Apparently Ghostface has a new album coming out? It’s called Twelve Reasons to Die and is a “crime/horror concept album,” so take that for whatever it’s worth. This first single (along with the fact that RZA executive produced the album) is encouraging.


Blondie – “Heart Of Glass”

It came out in 1979, but “Heart of Glass” is one of my favorite 1980s songs. And who doesn’t love 1980s.


Toto – “Africa”

What, did you not read the previous one? Who doesn’t love the 1980s.