USG Brief

Jenna Millemaci, Assistant News Editor

The general assembly of Case Western Reserve University’s Undergraduate Student Government (USG) gathered in the Toepfer Room of Adelbert Hall last Tuesday, April 24.

The assembly began by unanimously passing Resolution R. 21-08, a request that CWRU make significant investment to improve the maintenance and accessibility of the Veale Center.

The assembly then held its executive appointments. Sophomore Matt McKee was elected speaker of the assembly, freshman Joseph Digby was elected secretary, junior Tom Dooner was elected internal development chair, freshman Laura Payne and freshman Levi Ridgeway were elected treasurers, and freshman Sarah Cate Pfister was elected fall 2012 election commissioner.

Bill B. 21-29, a bill to recognize additional student organizations, was passed with 97 percent affirmation. The bill recognized groups that were funded but never previously recognized.

The Student Life Committee noted that they will be going over the posting policy, and the Diversity and Inclusion Committee reported that the secretary of next year’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee is freshman Lindsey Dillon.