USG Brief

Noora Somersalo, Student Affairs Reporter

The general assembly of Case Western Reserve University’s Undergraduate Student Government met in the Toepfer Room in Adelbert Hall on Tuesday, Oct. 2.

The meeting started with a short presentation by Chris Vlahos, the associate vice president of the Alumni Association. Vlahos welcomed and introduced himself to all the new members of USG and informed the GA of the various goals and undertakings of the Alumni Association.

The meeting continued with nominations for nursing, engineering, and arts and sciences representatives. Sophomore Meghna Srikanth was elected representative for the School of Engineering caucus. Vacancies still remain in all student caucuses.

Parliamentarian Taylor Gladys then introduced a new version of the judicial board to the GA. In the amended proposal, the board would consist of four USG members, one non-USG member, and a non-USG alternate member. This time, there were no objections to the composition of the judicial board, and it was approved with 94 percent affirmation.

Two bills, B. 22-05 and B. 22-06, were passed. The former bill recognized two student organizations, the Case Western Reserve University Culinary Club and the Spartan Dance Team, which has previously been active on campus but had not applied for recognition from USG. The bill was passed with 97 percent affirmation. The latter bill, providing $5175.78 in rolling funding for student organizations, was also passed with 86 percent affirmation.

In his committee report, Andrew Brown, the vice president of information technology, informed the GA that the contract of the Print2Here printers on campus has expired and the printers should be replaced by next semester.

Vice president of student life Patrick Vaughn reported that the Committee of Student Life would be cooperating with Bon Appétit to reduce unrecyclable waste in Grab-It and Bag-It.

Vice president of finance Colin Williams noted that almost all of the rolling funding for student organizations has now been allocated, even though it was planned to last until the end of October.