USG Brief

Noora Somersalo, Student Affairs Reporter

Case Western Reserve University’s Undergraduate Student Government convened in the Toepfer Room in Adelbert Hall on Tuesday, Oct. 16 for its weekly general assembly meeting. As per usual, the meeting began with a presentation, this time by Lev Gonick, Vice President of Information Technology Services.

Gonick briefly introduced some new campus services brought to students by ITS, such as the new TelePresence rooms located in Tomlinson, Nord, Adelbert Hall, Kelvin Smith Library, and Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences, that will give students the opportunity to hold high definition teleconferences with anyone regardless of their location. Gonick also introduced the new Active Collaboration Room in KSL. He discussed the new ways that the wireless network on CWRU campus is expected to be improved.

The assembly then elected three new representatives for the Arts and Sciences caucus. Second-year students Ali Mahmoud, Ali Hakeem, and Larry Monocello were elected with 71 percent, 87 percent, and 87 percent affirmation, respectively. They were inaugurated immediately.

Four bills were introduced to the assembly. Bill B. 22-08, recognizing three student organizations, was passed with 94 percent affirmation.

Bill B. 22-09 concerned rolling funding, allocating $1,865.99 to student organizations out of $2,575.99 requested. There were disagreements over the USG Finance Committee’s decision to retroactively allocate money to IMPROVment for an event that had already taken place. The sum was finally amended to $74.98 from the original $30 the Finance Committee had initially proposed with 51 percent affirmation.

Bill B. 22-10 also concerned rolling funding but was discussed separately because of its exceptional nature. The bill allocated $215 out of $350 requested by Nritya Dance Team. With the funding, the dance team hopes to organize an event to raise money for an upcoming competition trip. The bill caused controversy among the assembly, and the discussion was thus voted to be postponed. The fourth bill, Bill B. 22-07 concerning USG’s budget for spring 2013, was also tabled in order to allow the members of the assembly to study it more carefully.

In his committee report, president James Hale briefly noted that USG aims to give more attention to finance issues over the rest of the semester. Vice president of finance Colin Williams invited the assembly to help his committee with the planning of mass funding. Finally, vice president of information technology Andrew Brown reminded the assembly that new printers will arrive on campus soon.