USG Brief

Noora Somersalo, Student Affairs Reporter

The general assembly of Case Western Reserve University’s Undergraduate Student Government convened in the Toepfer Room in Adelbert Hall on Tuesday, Nov. 27.

The meeting started with a presentation. This time, the Academic Integrity Board introduced its new executive board members to the GA. The presentation also clarified the AIB’s purpose and policies. The GA then voted on the approval of the new AIB members; “yes” votes won with 91 percent affirmation.

There were no nominations for representatives for the Nursing, Weatherhead, and First-Year Commuter caucuses. The single nominee for representative for the Engineering caucus was absent, and thus the election was postponed.

Vice president of finance Colin Williams introduced the final version of mass funding for the spring of 2013. This semester, 135 student organizations were granted mass funding, totaling $168,981.47, not including the changes the GA made later at the meeting.

The allocated sum was $18,981.47 more than the $150,000 the Finance Committee originally estimated to allocate, and it was 44.72 percent of the $377,840.91 initially requested by student organizations.

The GA then proceeded to hear appeals from seven student organizations concerning mass funding. Appealing to the GA was the last chance for student organizations to get the full funding they originally requested after first appealing directly to the Finance Committee.

After hearing from all seven organizations as well as the members of the Finance Committee, the GA decided to comply with the Finance Committee’s decisions in four cases. The funding for the other three organizations was slightly altered after discussion among the GA. The purposes of the events for which the student groups requested funding and the inclusion of the whole student body at the events were a significant cause of debate.

The GA was divided when it came to deciding on the appeals – all decisions were passed or rejected only with a slight majority of votes.

Bill B. 22-13, the bill to provide mass funding for student organizations for spring 2013, was then passed with 100 percent affirmation.

In committee reports, the GA was updated on the progress of initiatives concerning cutlery dispensers at Bag-It as well as the new Print2Here printers.