USG Brief

Tyler Hoffman, Staff Reporter

As students of CWRU acclimate to the University after four weeks of classes, Undergraduate Student Government (USG) is working diligently across multiple fronts. Fresh after a weekend retreat that offered training to members, the general assembly convened on Sept. 14.

The board reports of the executive committee began the meeting. USG president Minh-Tri Nguyen discussed the co-sponsorships approved by the executive board and the “Masculinity and the Media” lectures that the Flora Stone Mather House for Women will hold, which desire to include males in the series.

Vice president of student life Divya Aggarwal also discussed the communications she held with vice president for campus services Dick Jamieson, in which a greenie stop at little Italy was proposed. Also, talks are being held to determine if another food option could replace Pura Vida in Thwing Center. At this time, it is unknown if the replacement would be a food vendor or a student-run business, but discussions with Bon Apetit are taking place.

Vice president of academic affairs Jared Hamilton briefed the general assembly on a two hour meeting he held with dean of undergraduate studies Jeffrey Wolcowitz. At the meeting, a student-take-faculty out to lunch program was discussed. Also, concern at the meeting was vocalized regarding the lack of liberal arts, humanities, and social science career options at the career fairs on campus. Hamilton explained to the assembly that dean Wolcowitz finds the institutions who are hiring within that sector do not usually attend the career fairs. However, further investigation into this void will be conducted by Hamilton.

Vice president of information technology Kelly Maloney informed USG that she has emailed various departments and offices on campus with I.T. personal in order to determine if any of these students would be interested in becoming at large representatives. The technological issues of the SEC referendum took presentence following Maloney’s board report. Concern was vocalized as to the nature of the issues and the solutions being investigated. Further, there was some dispute among the assembly as to the level of awareness CollegiateLink representatives had regarding the difficulties experienced last week.

As the board reports concluded, it became evident that a representative position for the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing remained vacant. Though multiple individuals were contacted and nominated regarding the position, only one individual had submitted a letter of intent and attended the assembly. Interested in representing his school, Chan Suk gave a brief speech to USG. Throughout the speech, Suk admitted that he is new and unfamiliar with USG, but remains eager to learn how the government operates and conducts business.

Illustrating his purpose for running, Suk noted that he wishes to see the School of Nursing build a more connected relationship with USG and the university as a whole. Following deliberation, the general assembly moved to hold a vote, in which Chan Suk became the USG representative for the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing.

Once closure was brought to the vacant position, the assembly moved to nominate USG members for homecoming king and queen. After multiple nominations and a member vote, representative Gary Bhagat was granted the USG nomination for homecoming king and treasurer Jesal Shah received the nomination for homecoming queen.

In open forum concern was raised regarding the heavy posting in Nord Hall. It was determined that the posting policy would be reviewed and communications would take place with Nord administrators to determine if posting can be restricted to certain areas. In addition, representative Lupton informed the assembly that many of the links supplied in a “Student Right to Know” email to CWRU students were outdated.

Open forum was concluded by a speech from Case Democrats president Neil O’Brien. Leading the Case Democrat initiative to register voters for the upcoming election, O’Brien encouraged the USG audience and the student body to become active members within the civic process and become registered voters of the state of Ohio.

The general assembly meeting ended Tuesday night with the swearing in of five new USG representatives and ten first year representatives.