USG Brief

Sage Schaff, Staff Reporter

The Case Western Reserve University Undergraduate Student Government (USG) met for the first time in three weeks this past Tuesday, Nov. 2. USG president Minh-Tri Nguyen began the general assembly meeting by praising the Student State of the University Address and USG’s administrative speed dating event. He also announced the approval of USG co-sponsorship for various campus events this week, including yesterday’s Share the Vision Open Forum on cyber bullying and privacy.

USG vice president of student life Divya Aggarwal informed the assembly that the Student Life Committee will be meeting with Performance Foods, a vendor in 1-2-1 Fitness. They are looking to replace Pura Vida, the coffee shop in Thwing. She also said that Sharif Sabe, a first-year representative, recently met with members of the custodial staff. They discussed hand sanitizers around campus, many of which haven’t been working properly. The staff is considering a battery replacement plan, since battery life seems to be the main problem.

USG vice president of finance Colin Downey warned that mass funding recognitions and financial requests for student groups are due by 5 p.m. today, Nov. 5. Late mass funding forms will not be considered until after all groups that submitted forms on time have been funded. After emphasizing the mass funding deadline, USG treasurer Peggy Moser also advised students to use the USG feedback form to voice suggestions, requests, complaints, etc.

USG vice president of Academic Affairs Jared Hamilton informed the assembly that the Common Core Curriculum Committee discussed in previous meetings will be delayed. Hamilton also met with associate provost David Fleshler last week. “It appears that there are no obstacles to international students receiving merit-based scholarships,” he stated. He hopes to introduce legislation on that subject soon.

USG vice president of Information Technology Kelly Maloney said that the IT Committee met with Jeffrey Gumpf about initial plans for the upcoming virtualization service. She also advised students that one of the best ways of remaining secure online is to use VPN when logging in through the CaseGuest network. Questions about VPN should be directed to the Help Desk at 216-368-HELP.

The Student Sustainability Council detailed plans to incorporate paper reduction around campus. It is considering making double-sided printing the default setting on all campus printers. The engineering caucus reported that it wants to renovate the Lincoln storage building behind Veale within the next three years. In response to complaints about the meal plan, the freshman caucus has proposed amending meal plan policy to allow first year students to change their meal plan after their first semester.

Finally, the general assembly passed a resolution to adjust the SAGES categorical requirement. College of Arts and Sciences representative Shengbo Wang reasoned that first year students who are not placed in a Life of the Mind first seminar course “are more limited in course selections for University Seminars.” Under this new policy, students may “take two University Seminars of different categories regardless of the category students were placed in for their first seminar.” For example, a student who was placed in a USSO class for his/her first seminar may choose another USSO course to fulfill one of the remaining two SAGES requirements.