USG Brief

Sage Schaff, Staff Reporter

Case Western Reserve University Undergraduate Student Government (USG) began its end of the semester push to pass new legislation at its general assembly meeting this past Tuesday, Nov. 9. Representatives voted to pass one bill, introduced three more, passed two resolutions, and promised more to come in future meetings. USG president Minh-Tri Nguyen began the meeting by praising the Finance Committee for its proficiency in the mass funding process, which culminated last weekend. He also reminded the assembly that Pizzalympics will be this Friday, Nov. 12 at 12:30 p.m. in Thwing Ballroom. USG is trying to make this year’s event the largest one yet, as there will be 12 vendors and blind taste testing.

Vice-president of Student Life Divya Aggarwal expanded upon what has been said in previous meetings about a potential Greenie stop in Little Italy. She met with Dave Tomco of Standard Parking to discuss the possibility of creating two separate North Loops, A and B. Loop A would be the current North Loop route, while Loop B would go up Mayfield Road through Little Italy and take Murray Hill Road to reach Fribley. The routes must be tested before they are implemented. “[But the] establishment of North Loop A and B to include a stop in Little Italy looks promising for spring semester,” Aggarwal said. She also raised the issue of Rainbow Babies Hospital personnel smoking in front of the “no smoking” sign on Adelbert Road where CWRU students frequently cross. She plans on taking steps to have the smoking areas moved further away from the sidewalk.

Vice-president of Information Technology Kelly Maloney informed the assembly that students have complained about being temporarily being banned from CWRU’s network while playing online games. She advised that if this continues to happen, those affected should email her and IT Services will resolve the problem. In the same vein, the assembly passed “a resolution to allow for student self-registration of video game consoles and similar devices on the CWRU wired network.” Its purpose is to make registering things like gaming consoles and printers on the CWRU network more convenient, as the current setup requires students to call the Help Desk to do so. Under this resolution, students would be able to bypass that tedious step and simply enter their own media access control (MAC) address.

The assembly also passed a resolution to install a camera on the Spirit Wall. Doing so could help to apprehend individuals who vandalize the wall while allowing students to view the wall from anywhere on campus. USG is only one of multiple campus organizations planning to split the cost of the camera and its installation, which is roughly $4500; the others must also pass a similar resolution.

Finally, the assembly voted to pass a bill providing additional funding to already recognized student organizations and introduced several more regarding finances and organizations. One is a bill to establish USG’s spring 2011 budget, which is estimated to be $151,000. However those bills have yet to be voted on and will continue to be discussed in the coming weeks.