Who is the Class of 2014?

Gillian Seaman, News Editor

Increasing student diversity is a key element of Case Western Reserve University’s strategic plan, and the incoming freshman do not disappoint. The Class of 2014 contains students hailing from 18 countries and 43 different states, continuing or increasing recent gains in diversity amongst the University’s student population.

The Class of 2014 saw increases in minority populations. Amongst the freshman class (numbering a strong 1,045 in total), 10% of students are underrepresented. While the Class of 2013 contained only 23 African-American students, this year the number has increased to 56. The Hispanic/Latino population also increased from 31 students to 41.

The increase in out-of-state students was smaller and less significant. 63% of students are not from Ohio, only a 1% increase from the year previous, leaving the student body still rather Ohio heavy.

But with increases in both minority populations and geographic diversity, the Class of 2014 appears poised to continue CWRU’s goal of developing a strong, vibrant, and diverse community.