Willkommen to CWRU Department of Theater’s production of “Cabaret”

CWRUs Department of Theater puts on an impressive performance in their production of Cabaret in Maltz Performing Arts Center, highlighting the achievements of both the cast and crew.
CWRU’s Department of Theater puts on an impressive performance in their production of “Cabaret” in Maltz Performing Arts Center, highlighting the achievements of both the cast and crew.
Courtesy of CWRU Department of Theater

Willkommen, bienvenue and welcome! Running from April 12-21, the Case Western Reserve University Department of Theater is welcoming audiences to experience their hauntingly enthralling production of “Cabaret.” With one more weekend left, the first musical produced at the Maltz Performing Arts Center—and the first by the theater department in four years—is not a production that anyone would want to miss. Find information regarding tickets down below for the last three performances, running April 19-21.

Set in 1929-1930, “Cabaret” follows the story of a young American novelist, Clifford

Bradshaw (Brendan Lowry) and his experiences in Berlin with the shady and hedonistic characters of the Kit Kat Klub, as well as his run-ins and confrontation with the growing Nazi Party. As Cliff entangles himself in a complicated relationship with the Kit Kat Klub’s leading lady, Sally Bowles (Madalyn Baker), he has to grapple with his own understanding of German politics and what his values are compared to those of the people around him. When faced with the severity of the hatred brewing in Berlin, he and many of the play’s other characters must decide where to take themselves next.

Brilliantly paced, CWRU’s production leaves the audience with their hearts beating out of their chest, itching for the next move and yet also dreading the worst. The show promises from its opening lines that it will not let up even for a second, and does not disappoint. The Master of Ceremonies, or Emcee (Seamus Gailor), of the Kit Kat Klub is nothing short of a delight to watch. With all of the passion, raw talent and commitment Gailor pours into the role, being swept along in his performance is more than a given. Between Gailor and the boys and girls of the Kit Kat Klub, a truly transformative experience awaits everyone who attends the show.

Beyond the talents of those performing on stage, “Cabaret” is a visual and musical masterpiece of which every technical element has been designed and fitted to perfection. The eerie specificity of the lighting envelops the theater in a smoky, vintage feeling akin to that of an old-timey movie. The costumes boast just the right amount of color, texture and pattern to describe the characters and their relationships without overpowering those wearing them.

Choreographer Kenya Woods and assistant choreographer Mariah Hamburg have constructed a fluid, intoxicating masterpiece that captures the audience’s attention and holds onto it like their lives depend on it. The pit orchestra is, as the Emcee says themself, “Beautiful!” Each technical aspect of the show has been polished to create a performance that goes above and beyond the realm of college-level theater. The culmination of each piece creates a living, breathing piece of art.

The dedication from every individual involved in CWRU Department of Theater’s production of “Cabaret” cannot be understated. Katie Booze-Mooney, as Fräulein Schneider, delivers both effortless comedic timing and gut-wrenching honesty that manages to completely captivate the audience. Dominic Monczewski, as Herr Schultz, is able to charm attendees from the moment he opens his mouth to sing. Tabitha Raithel, who plays Fräulein Kost and Fritzie, displays infectious energy whether she is playing up a hysterical moment, or serenading from afar. The speed at which she changes costumes begs to be mentioned as well. Baker’s ability to control mania is a feat that should be studied, as it is utterly entrancing, and you just might begin to feel yourself fall apart with her during the song for which the show is named. Overall, the stamina of the entire cast must be applauded.

To experience the incredible abilities of each of these actors, and everyone else involved in this genuinely thrilling production, reserve a $5 student ticket for either Friday, April 19 or Saturday, April 20 at 7:30 p.m. or Sunday, April 21 at 3 p.m.

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