Worst Case Scenario

Eileen Sabrina Herman, Editor-in-Chief

Last week signaled the start of Greek rush events and sorority recruitment at Case Western Reserve University. As a senior who is not in a social sorority, this is less important to me than ever, but it definitely deserves a mention.

I have friends outside of CWRU who are in sororities, and they always want to know how their sisters are doing (i.e., who has a better chapter). I’ve always been amazed at the ways in which Case Greek Life is different from other schools’. They are mostly all good differences, I promise. Greeks here have always, in my experience, been extremely friendly toward non-Greeks.

I get invited to parties, I have been in some of their houses, I live with one particularly awesome Greek, and sorority sisters are generally always ready to lend a hand if needed. They also get some of the best grades on campus, which at one point almost tempted me to join them just to find out their secret. CWRU’s Greek Life dispels the “Greeks just party and drink” mentality that my friends from home have when they ask me about their sisters.

So recruitment is, as everyone knows, when you put on your high heels and try to attract as many freshmen and sophomores to your sorority as possible before bids. Or at least, that’s what I think it’s about. It’s uncomfortable, it’s hard, and I know it involves equal parts fun and frustration. I give the ladies props, because I could never stand to do half of the stuff they do. Stand around in heels, be nice, and live with a gaggle of girls in a house with one bathroom? That sort of stuff is not for me. But they enjoy it; I’ve heard about the perks and I’ve enjoyed the fringe benefits.

Each sorority has its own personality. I won’t name them because everyone will come after me with pitchforks and Greek symbols, but some are smarter, some sloppier, some more athletic, some more attractive. Overall, they’re a large part of what makes CWRU so much fun. And the fundraisers are also usually delicious, which I’m all for (om nom nom).

“But wait!” you say, “What about all us non-Greeks?” Dude, I’m not in Greek Life either: see my first paragraph. But since I usually complain or give advice in the Worst Case Scenario, this week I decided to give good vibes. The more free parties I can attend in the name of Delphi, the better.