Worst Case Scenario

Eileen Sabrina Herman, Editor-in-Chief

Every now and then there are professors that make an impression on their students. These are not the professors who drone on and on in the front of the classroom, or send in their T.A.s to do all the work. These guys are eccentric and proud of it, and often have the most hilarious and informative classes ever.

You have all had one, I’m sure. Instead of lecturing, this professor mimics animal noises (poorly), or has tiny hand-puppets at the ready in case a student needs an impersonation of the person being discussed. He or she goes on tangents about hamsters and eggs, and you always learn way more than you expected between these fantastic journeys.

If you haven’t had one of these professors, you need to find one before you graduate. I myself have had a plethora of them; if you send me an email I can make you a long and hilarious list.

CWRU is known for its engineering programs, its medical school, Officer Mark, and the creepy squirrels, but what it should also be known for is its propensity to hire very strange and very awesome professors. Hopefully President Snyder is aware of this gold-mine they’ve been sitting on for years and years, and will do something equally eccentric to show them how valuable they are to the CWRU community. Another ugly statue may be in order.

Have you ever walked into a classroom and seen your professor cross-dressing? I’m not saying this has happened, but try looking at your professor in class and wondering if it was him or her. Have you had a professor get on YouTube and listen to Slavoj Zizek explain “The Matrix” for the whole class? I encourage all readers to go do that right now. Do it. If my professor did it, so can you. It’ll have as much to do with your life as it had to do with that class.

Unlike the monotone professors, these are the people who make you want to take every class they offer. And when they tell you to stop taking their classes and try some other courses? Meh. So what if it’s not even in your major? Make them your major.

And if you are a freshman and want to try something new for next semester, be adventurous. Get out of ENGR 145 and take an English, World Lit, or Art History class, because you will not be disappointed.