Worst Case Scenario

Eileen Sabrina Herman, Editor-in-Chief

This past Monday, the emergency alert system was finally utilized by the University, and I must say I was impressed.

I usually don’t like getting random phone calls from computerized female voices and texts from unknown sources, but I did like to know why I had to use a lightsaber to go to the pitch-dark bathroom. VROOM.

It’s nice to see these emergency services get used, even if it’s just to point out the obvious. Speaking of the obvious…Graduation is coming up! I wish there was a Case WARN for that. I can’t believe it’s been four (or five, or six) years for the Class of 2012.

So what is there to do? Start packing up personal belongings? Start looking for apartments and jobs, or another degree to pass the time? Get married? Or hide in the aforementioned glowing bathroom and pretend that the adventure that was college is not about to end. I know that going to Case Western Reserve University has been, to be a cliché, the best four years of my life.

I think all of the insanity has been worth it, though I’m sure many members of the CWRU undergraduate community don’t feel like the same. From blow-torch-wielding roommates to the many kinds of food poisoning available at Leutner, it has certainly been a journey. I would wholeheartedly support any adventures a student with more years wants to take. Ride the RTA around town. Get lost in the ghetto. Write for The Observer. All excellent things to do that have a relatively low chance of ending your life.

Pretty soon the class of 2012 will pass through these buildings for the last time. No more will you find us sleeping in Bingham or the PBL basement. Never again will our number grace a hoodie or sweatshirt. It’s kind of depressing, actually. But don’t flunk just to stay another year, or I’ll judge you!