Worst Case Scenario

Eileen Sabrina Herman, Editor-in-Chief

Midterms are over, and now it’s time for spring break. Some students wax poetic about their trip to an impoverished country to donate their time to a worldly cause, while others spend their break drunk on a beach. Both are typical standbys of this college holiday, and Case Western Reserve University is no exception.

I personally don’t do much over spring break. I go home and sleep a lot, which I would heartily recommend for anyone who’s had to deal with exams this week. Professors, why do you fall into line and all give exams this week? Space them out. Be different. Do something two weeks before spring break, or the week after. That would definitely help the overall stress level on campus.

I, like all students (exempting the occasional suck-up), hate midterms. It’s a bunch of exams in a very short period of time, usually about minuscule details you couldn’t give a crap about (or at least, it’s a very small crap). I feel that by forcing midterms down our throats, professors aid in killing any love we might have for their subject matter. Or perhaps I’m just a satire writer.

I took a very easy course load for my final semester, and I still had midterms (and final!) exams. I had to study, annoy my fellow classmates for information, and actually read the notes I had taken – which are usually more antidotal than useful.

Much like this column, which I usually write in my notebook before transferring to a digital copy, my notes are more doodles and poodles and things-that-rhyme-with-oodles than any real notes. I’m sure from looking around my classroom that my fellow students are much the same. For those who were unaware, other students can see the giant pornographic version of your professor that you drew in your notebook (just saying).

I’d rather be on a beach, or in a bed sleeping, or falling down a sinkhole in my backyard than taking midterms. I have a list of things I’d rather do somewhere in my notebook, but I was too busy studying for midterms to look for it, so no funny lists for you this week.

In conclusion, live it up this break because (hopefully) it may be your last, and ideally you have nothing left to do until the next-next Monday morning.