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Worst Case Scenario: Website woes

This is a public service announcement to the community: If you want ample and accurate information about our University, try every possible resource available other than

It’s a proven fact that smoke signals and carrier pigeons can provide more information than the incomplete Case Western website.

I honestly believe the time has come to make a fuss about the website. When I was a freshman, the website was horrendous – it had funky colors, unflattering pictures, and an overall sense of the pre-Babs era.

Then, our savior swooped in and took over. Now, we have a fully functional front page. Yes, that’s right, delve any deeper and you will soon realize you should go on to more frustrating topics like the meaning of life or why we created the Student Executive Council.

Whoever created the front page was really thinking beyond the possible. (OK, I am a pawn of society and shrewd marketing slogans. It’s a weakness of mine, I know.) The front page is full of interesting tidbits. I especially enjoy seeing advertisements for research I won’t possibly understand beyond the initial paragraph.

Some aspects of the website are uncomplicated. Want to read every (Case) Daily ever? Well, in case you wanted to be haunted more by The Daily, the webmaster actually created a link for you to read every archived one – ever. Need help falling asleep?

Yet, my favorite part of the new website used to be the mysterious search box. It was honestly like playing Where’s Waldo minus Waldo – an attempt to find a chameleon box smaller than the cursor. It was yet another Case Western gem. Only after a year of complaining did the webmaster decide the frustration could end.

Did you know Case Western is one of the nation’s top universities? Believe it, but do not ask for proof. If you click to see what number it is you will get redirected back to the front page.

The worst aspect of the website continues to be the incomplete pages to specific offices. For example, check out the Undergraduate Studies page. Arguably one of the most important offices (if you feel like completing a degree), the website looks like it’s stuck in the 90’s. The top banner truly represents Case Western’s official colors of maroon and white, everything is an irritating PDF, and it is thinking only of possibility instead of beyond it. (Again, shameless marketing.)

In true Case Western fashion, I vote we form a committee; honestly, seeing immediate results is so overrated. This committee should contain the mysterious webmaster, a student who feels he or she is more important than he or she actually is, a computer science major with artistic flair (that could be a tough one to find), and Bud. I was more thinking the beer, but I guess the provost could sit on the committee, too.

I urge you, the students, to do what you do best: Complain. Instead of complaining about the weather or the lack of a social scene, this is one issue you can actually affect.

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