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Worst Case Scenario

I’m going to miss a lot of things about Case Western Reserve University. The friends I’ve made, the groups I’ve been involved with, meeting my fiancé (who never reads my column)…all were stepping stones to the next levels. I’m sure all my fellow graduating seniors feel the same (minus the fiancé part…back off ladies, he’s mine!).

So as this chapter of our lives draws to a close (for the summer at least), I’d like to give you some advice one last time.

Once you get out of CWRU, there are a few things you should do: either finalize your plans for post-graduate school (housing, etc.) or get a job. Sure, you can take a few months to figure it out, but don’t end up living in your mother’s basement playing “World of Warcraft” until you are in your 30s. Your parents paid a lot of money for your education here, so you may as well do something productive with it.

Take a moment and thank whoever helped you get this far. It could be your parents, a nanny, uncles, aunts, social worker, dog…while you had to do the actual work, Fido may have given you the incentive in the first place. And if your family sucks…show them how well you are doing without their help.

Go forth and be fruitful, or whatever. Just try not to appear on the police blotter for at least a year after you graduate. Don’t become a security alert because you got too drunk during Senior Week.

Make the most of the your last remaining weeks here. If you’ve sat in front of your computer and only studied for the last four years, you’ve missed out on a lot of things. You could have worked for The Observer and still had your butt firmly planted into that seat. Go crazy, do something fun…like stare at all the ugly statues I’ve mentioned this year. You know you want to. I, personally, don’t have a favorite, because the Michelson-Morley Monument doesn’t really count as a statue. I still giggle whenever I walk by it, even if only internally.

For those of you staying, next year will certainly be another journey at CWRU… I purposely haven’t looked at the course schedules so that I don’t get depressed, but take all the fun classes you can, and thank you for reading my little column.

Shine on, Case Western Reserve.

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