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Editorial: An SEC history lesson

September 17
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Students can rejoice as the second SEC referendum within six months has become yet another one for the history books. But before we commit the Greek Life referendum to the past forever, let’s look at what the Case Western Reserve University campus can learn from recent SEC history. First, we question...

Editorial: Halfway to equality for all students

September 10
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Students at Case Western Reserve University are used to thinking globally in classes and as they pursue jobs. Holding a conference call to Buenos Aires or attending a business meeting in Beijing is incredibly simple nowadays, thanks to technology like Skype or Google Phone. However, students seem to...

Editorial: Permanent solutions necessary to protect student safety

September 3
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President Snyder’s e-mail regarding a student hit by a car was a chilling way to start off the academic year here at Case Western Reserve University. Of course, we’re all very relieved that the student had been immediately treated and we hope that he recovers as soon as possible so that he can rejoin...

Editorial: Student body, SEC ready to move on

August 27
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The restorative properties of summer break deserve a medal. After a tumultuous spring semester, the new leadership just coming into power on the Student Executive Council (SEC) seems ready to move past the perceived wrongs of last year’s SEC. Dominated by extreme personalities, previous SEC boards...

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