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Editorial: Spot Night can change, but only carefully

Observer Staff
September 11
Filed under Editorial, Opinion

Spot Night is a key concert and a much beloved event that the University Program Board (UPB) historically put on weekly. Students always knew that they could find a band playing at the Spot on Thursday night. There was a sense of community. That feeling has now been shattered by a drastic change: This semester there will only be one l...

Campus leaders stepped up in Thwing storage mix-up

Campus leaders stepped up in Thwing storage mix-up

September 4
Filed under Editorial, Opinion

As students prepared to move in the Friday before classes, student organizations received an email from the Undergraduate Student Government (USG) that began in all caps. When hoping to reunite with their friends and suitemates, these students were told that they had ten days to remove their items from...

CWRU dining options losing community connection

August 28
Filed under Editorial, Opinion

This summer, Munch, the small family restaurant which previously resided in Case Western Reserve University’s School of Law, closed down after losing a bid to retain the space. The restaurant provides a saddening farewell on their website. In prominent green, it says, “Thank you for supporting...

Get involved in your community

August 21
Filed under Editorial, Opinion

To entering first-years, both those staying on-campus and those living at home, and new transfer students, The Observer staff welcomes you to Case Western Reserve University. Within your new home lies a plethora of secrets and many incredible places that you will come to learn soon enough. As you...

Freshmen, wear clear safety goggles when entering your nightmare

Zak Khan
August 21
Filed under Editorial, Opinion

To incoming freshmen, by now your orientation leaders and other folks you’ve met at Case Western Reserve University have probably told you how great it is here. They may have waxed eloquent on how “accepting” and “diverse” CWRU is. How we’re all in this together. The dining halls seem to...

Semester grades

April 24
Filed under Editorial, Opinion

We grade CWRU's housing, student leadership, businesses and more on how well they did in the spring of 2015.

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Lessons from behind the desk

Mike McKenna
April 17
Filed under Editorial, Opinion

The end of the year quickly approaches; it might not be the time to be particularly reflective, considering a deluge of projects and finals. However, in taking over the executive editor role (thank you again, staff, for voting for me to hold the honor and especially to Kathleen Wieser, our outgoing executive...

Quick fix needed to prevent another “replyallpocalypse”

April 10
Filed under Editorial, Opinion

A single email advertising Phi Delta Theta’s campaign to raise funds for the Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) Association promptly became this week’s most talked-about campus event. A brother of the fraternity created an email list of every undergraduate student, sending them information on Monday...

The Observer endorses Kennedy, Oester and Ward for USG elections

April 8
Filed under Editorial, Opinion, USG Elections 2015

Here are The Observer's endorsements for the Undergraduate Student Government's (USG) 2015 elections. We chose to endorse these positions because these are the people that interact with the student body the most. President: Chippy Kennedy In the past, the position of Vice President of Student Life h...

Speak your mind

Katie Wieser, Editor in Chief
April 3
Filed under Editorial, Opinion

It can be difficult to speak up. When surrounded by those who are different or even when around friends, it’s tempting to just smile, nod and move on. We stage internal monologues where the person is proved wrong, read some blogs that reflect the perspectives we share and know in our own minds that...

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