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Semester grades

April 23, 2015

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We grade CWRU's housing, student leadership, businesses and more on how well they did in the spring of 2015.

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Lessons from behind the desk

Mike McKenna

April 16, 2015

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The end of the year quickly approaches; it might not be the time to be particularly reflective, considering a deluge of projects and finals. However, in taking over the executive editor role (thank you again, staff, for voting for me to hold the honor and especially to Kathleen Wieser, our outgoing executive...

Quick fix needed to prevent another “replyallpocalypse”

April 9, 2015

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A single email advertising Phi Delta Theta’s campaign to raise funds for the Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) Association promptly became this week’s most talked-about campus event. A brother of the fraternity created an email list of every undergraduate student, sending them information on Monday...

The Observer endorses Kennedy, Oester and Ward for USG elections

April 8, 2015

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Here are The Observer's endorsements for the Undergraduate Student Government's (USG) 2015 elections. We chose to endorse these positions because these are the people that interact with the student body the most. President: Chippy Kennedy In the past, the position of Vice President of Student Life h...

Speak your mind

Katie Wieser, Editor in Chief

April 2, 2015

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It can be difficult to speak up. When surrounded by those who are different or even when around friends, it’s tempting to just smile, nod and move on. We stage internal monologues where the person is proved wrong, read some blogs that reflect the perspectives we share and know in our own minds that...

Fixing our student group funding system

March 26, 2015

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Here's the deal with the Student Executive Council, which funds all of the umbrella organizations on campus.

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A third alternative

Andrew Breland

March 26, 2015

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The title of this column, for the last three years, has been “The elephant in the room.” As it pertains to campus, this title has always signaled that I write about topics seen and unseen that affect much of what happens on campus. To varying degrees, this is true. However an alternate meaning for...

With residence hall delay response, housing fails us yet again

March 19, 2015

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Delayed. The news that the new residence hall wouldn’t be ready for the start of next school year hit selected emails on March 12, an unwelcome way to end spring breaks for a number of students. The email was sent by Associate Director for Residence Services Loretta Sexton to rising upperclassmen...

Housing strategies lack student focus

February 27, 2015

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Housing for the 2015-2016 school year is something that most students have been thinking about in recent weeks. Greek students have been getting emails about chapter housing, and those upperclassmen whose financial situations allow have been looking into off-campus rates. Pretty much every other student...

New diversity board: let’s take a SEC to think

February 20, 2015

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In last week’s issue, we ran a letter to the editor from Brittany Chung and Precious Amoako arguing that Case Western Reserve University students need to add a new diversity board to the Student Executive Council (SEC). Their plan for this board is to take cultural and diversity-based student grou...

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