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“Get Hard:” Offensive, but funny

Roy Chan, Staff Reporter

March 27, 2015

Offensive? Definitely. Homophobic and racist? Check. Prison rape? Mentioned every 30 seconds. But is the movie hilarious? Oh, yes it is, very much so. “Get Hard” will not garner stellar critical reviews due to its crude and sometimes cringe-worthy humor that so very often walks the tight rope...

A conversation with Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart

Roy Chan, Staff Reporter

March 26, 2015

How would you prepare for prison? That’s the dilemma James King (Will Ferrell) finds himself in, in the new film, “Get Hard.” King feels absolutely unprepared to his coming 10-year sentence after being convicted of tax evasion. He hires his friend, Darnell Lewis (Kevin Hart)—whom James wrongly...

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