36 hours of computer power

Case Western Reserve University’s campus will be preparing for the buzz of Hackathon this weekend on the Quad, hosted by the Hacker Society. Hackathon is an event where students from other universities come together in one place to code, construct web applications, hack hardware or complete other creative projects for 24-36 hours straight.

Though students run on little to no sleep, the groups and individuals who work on projects often thrive off the excitement, energy and focus that comes with creating something new.

The best thing about Hackathon, Hacker Society President Adam Gleichsner adds, is the passion.

“Hackathons provide a great environment to shrink off your scholarly duties for a weekend and really immerse yourself into something that you’re passionate about,” he said.

Food and refreshments will be provided by the Hacker Society, and there will also be opportunities for participants to interact with students from other universities, as well as network with companies that are sponsoring this event. In fact, Vertical Knowledge, a software company based in Ohio, will host CWRU’s Hackathon. Also, the Major League Hacking, the official league that oversees Hackathons all over the nation, has approved the event.

This Hackathon appeals to more than just computer lovers, though.

“We don’t want to be another Hackathon that churns out the same ‘Tinder for x’ or ‘Yo for y’ projects that seem to happen at every event, which is why we’re really excited to be working with think[box] this year to open up a whole new realm of hacking possibilities for all attendees,” Gleichsner said.

The event will commence with an opening ceremony Friday night, and on Sunday participants will demonstrate their projects and be awarded prizes. Hacker Society is welcoming all students to the event, and they can register at the HackCWRU website.

Event: Hackathon
Location: CWRU Campus
Date: Feb. 6-8