‘90s-themed Fall Informal totally radical

A group of campus organizations teamed up to create the Fall Informal, a trip “Back to the 90’s” in the “totally tubular” Linsalata Alumni Center.

The dance was held by University Program Board (UPB), Undergraduate Student Government (USG) and Class Officer Collective (COC) on the evening of Saturday, Nov. 11.

The dance was as ‘90s as it could get, with old video games such as “Donkey Kong” waiting to be played and decorations everywhere. The walls were adorned with balloons of the late ‘90s years (1996-1999) and posters of pinnacle television and movies such as “MTV” and “That’s So Raven”. Attendees danced the night away to songs of then and now such as “All Star” by Smash Mouth, and had the opportunity to use a photo booth with an array of props.

The food was a pleasant surprise. Before the dance, many of the people I spoke to were confused by the promise of “‘90s food.” While many were still left wondering, the groups hit it right on the nose with a buffet of pizza rolls, bagel bites, dino chicken nuggets and other forgotten classics.

Steve Ruan, executive president of COC, explained that the event’s planning—food, decorations and entertainment—did not take long for the groups.

“The conversation started out in October,” said Ruan. “… It was fairly easy to put together. Everyone was very cooperative in collaboration and the three organizations worked hard to prepare and market the event.”

The event was well-attended.

“The food was great, the accessories, the DJ…were really on point and it really felt like a ‘90s party,” said Ruan. “We had a full house and everyone had a lot of fun. We hope to continue this collaboration event for the years coming.”

“It’s really nice to just get to dance with friends,” said first-year student Yvonne Pan. “The DJ was great and it was so nice to let loose. I just wish it [lasted longer].”

Pan loved the whole setup of the party and rejoiced in the opportunity to just have fun.

The dance was a great opportunity to get to meet other students and to unwind after a stressful week.