A coffee lover’s guide to the CWRU coffee scene


Shreyas Banerjee/The Observer

NRV’s Coffee House is one of many places to settle in with a cup of coffee on campus.

Shivangi Nanda, Copy Editor

For many college students, coffee is both a wake-up call in the morning and a study buddy on those late nights. This is no different for the students at Case Western Reserve University. So, in an effort to ease the stress of choosing where to get your next caffeine fill, I have compiled a comprehensive guide of the coffee spots on CWRU’s campus. Whether it is a nostalgic chain or a local shop, this campus offers something for every coffee lover.


The classic coffee shop, Starbucks remains one of the favorites among CWRU students. With two locations—one in the North Residential Village and one on Euclid Avenue—Starbucks is accessible to students all across campus. As an added bonus, Starbucks has an extensive coffee selection with the ability to easily customize drinks to your liking. The one downside is size. The NRV location is small, containing only a few small tables that are constantly being used. This is partially made up by the Euclid location, which is larger with more available seating options. 


Also located on Euclid Avenue, Panera is another chain favorite on campus. This spot makes up for its limited coffee selection with a wide range of food options, from pastries and bagels to their classic soups and sandwiches. So, for people looking for more than a caffeine pick-me-up, this spot is perfect. There is also plenty of indoor seating in the downstairs and upstairs levels, making it ideal for individuals looking to get away from the dorms for a nice study spot and larger groups wanting a sit-down meal. 


Included in the CWRU dining plan, Dunkin’ is one of the busiest spots on this list; so be prepared for long lines. Recently relocated to Tinkham Veale University Center, Dunkin’ is the reliable fast-food breakfast spot that is sure to get your day started right. Home to classic coffee options and iced teas, Dunkin’ is sure to have a caffeinated drink for you to enjoy. Even better, you can easily make your beverage a meal by pairing it with a breakfast sandwich and donut. And, with its new location, you have plenty of seating options to just relax, or have a sip-and-study session. 

The Coffee House

For many of those living on the north side of campus, The Coffee House at University Circle will likely be a part of your studying and caffeine routine. Alongside its wide selection of pastries and snacking treats, The Coffee House—as its name suggests—has a variety of hot and cold caffeinated beverages. While their drinks are nothing memorable, the cozy atmosphere and ample seating will make you a regular customer. The downstairs has smaller tables for studying alone, and the upstairs has special study rooms that encourage quiet collaboration. In summer and spring months, outdoor seating is a great way to get your daily dose of vitamin D and caffeine: multitasking at its finest. 

Some might still feel CWRU’s coffee scene is limited—especially by sheer number of coffee spots—but trust me, there is a place for everyone. And even for people who love caffeine but not coffee flavor, bubble tea is available in select restaurants on campus—but that is for another guide. For now, consider testing out every coffee spot on this list until you find the drink and atmosphere that feels meant to “bean.”