A dream come true

David Pietrow, Staff Reporter

Chances are you’ve seen at least one Disney movie. If you haven’t, you should probably do that after reading this article. Well, let nostalgia hit you after this: Disney and Target are teaming up. Starting on Oct. 4 of this year, there will be Disney shops within Target retail stores in 25 different locations. 40 more Disney stores are planned to launch in October 2020. 

The partnership was announced at the D23 Expo 2019 in Anaheim, California last weekend, by Bob Chapek, chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, with Target CEO Brian Cornell.

Chapek explained the rationale behind the collaboration in a call to reporters. 

“We believe that by extending our Disney footprint to Target stores we’re going to be able to give our guests that opportunity.”

These stores will include more than 450 items with a variety of different Disney-themed products such as games, clothes, toys and other accessories. These themes will mostly tie into fan favorites such as Disney Princesses and Marvel and will include different Disney songs, interactive displays and seating areas to provide customers a unique experience. It is also reported that in 2021, Target will open up a new store at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. 

Unfortunately for us, the nearest Target-Disney store is just under three hours away, in Brighton, Michigan. Target has accounted for this and plans to release a digital website available on Oct. 4 as well.

There are also special promotions that come with this enterprise partnership. Target RedCard members can save five percent on all items. 

Despite the novelty of the idea, Target is not the first store that Disney has partnered with. Since October of 2013, more than 600 J.C Penney stores have Disney shops, selling Disney merchandise exclusive to J.C. Penney. 

In fact, this is not an anomaly for Target either, as some of its stores operate with a CVS pharmacy or Starbucks.

Target is also working with Disney to get a two-day shipping policy on Disney products sold by Target. That shipping policy is reported to be ready by October this year.