A Night to Remember

Masquerade-themed dance shines in CMA

With the cold air breaking and midterms on their way, Case Western Reserve University was in need of an exciting event and the Class Officer Collective (COC) was ready to provide. On Saturday, Feb. 17, Snowball added mystery and fun to the Cleveland Museum of Art (CMA) Ames Family Atrium as students danced the night away adorned in masks.

The theme, “Masquerade,” was a hit. There were masks being handed out at the door and others chose to purchase their own. The excitement leading up was very clear as all people were talking about was “the masquerade” when referencing the dance.
The food, however, was a letdown. Three days prior to the event, COC sent an email to students publicizing the event, promising delicious options like Maine lobster salad and petit lamb chop. However, when students arrived, they were disappointed.

Students were offered a selection of cheese, fruits, veggies and some desserts such as cookies, but none of the promised food. With no notice of the change, students were confused and could be heard saying that they weren’t getting what they had paid for.
Planning the event took the group about two months, starting immediately once students all returned from winter break.

“We divided into committees: PR, Logistics, Design/Decoration and Finance,” said Anitra Karthic, a member of the Snowball planning committee. “We then started coordinating with the Art Museum to figure out the venue and vendors.”

After surveying the student body last semester, the venue was an easy choice. CMA was convenient for students and made the most sense.

The event was a great success for COC, as presale tickets sold quickly. Turnout the night of the dance was also very good, and the event drew a large crowd.

Karthic said, “The best part was seeing all of the familiar faces…Case’s size just lets you know so many people. It’s going to be hard to top this event.”

Many agree; first-year student Yvonne Pan loved the theme and feel of the event. “I always wanted to go to a masquerade so to go to one so close to campus with all of my friends was all I could’ve asked for. It was a great Snowball.”

Overall, Snowball was a fun opportunity to dress up and a good throwback to dances we might have experienced in high school.