A passion worth following

Student musician releases first album

Case Western Reserve University students are known for wearing many hats. Many balance academics, memberships in student groups and social lives: most choose only two. But senior Jordan Genovese throws a few more into the ring by pursuing a music career.

Genovese can be seen around the greater Cleveland area performing with other local singer songwriters, and finds solid advice from members of the Cleveland music community. She first performed at the House of Blues Tri-C High School Rock Off in 2011, and caught musician and Fighting Chance Records co-owner Diana Chittester’s ear.

Since then, Chittester and her manager have guided Genovese through the music business: how to book shows, organizing recordings and organizing her own promotion plan.

“She brought new ideas to the stage,” Chittester said. She stressed how important it is to love the whole package of being a musician, including being on stage, recording in the studio and reaching out to the community.

“As a musician, you just have to put yourself to work,” she continued. And that’s exactly what Genovese did; after her performing debut, she landed a recording deal for her first single, “Love The Way It Feels.” She has continued performing and has made the time between class, jobs and other student obligations to record ten more songs featured on her album.

And sometimes, all of it seems daunting. It’s difficult enough to get recognized when a musician devotes all of his or her time to making it without going broke or crazy. But when these moments of doubt hit, Genovese works through them like anyone who’s truly following their passion.

That’s not the end of the road though. She has her eyes set on medical school, but that will have to wait until after she throws herself, fully, into the ring. She’s already taken the right steps to beginning a successful career, and if her album “Green November” shows any indication, she may be wearing the musician hat for some time.
Genovese released her first album “Green November” earlier a few weeks ago, and is available on iTunes and through her website.