A spring checklist for CWRU students

Shivangi Nanda and Noah Henriques

With the very unfortunate end of spring break, we must once again put our nose to the grindstone for another six weeks of semester struggles. With midterm grades recently released and summer right around the corner, we should reflect on how we want this academic year to end and what personal goals need to be fulfilled. Do you need to make changes to your study habits to get those ever elusive A’s? Do you need to make a comprehensive plan of your course list to prepare for fall registration and the rest of your time in college? Or do you just need a fun summer bucket list to detox? Whatever your end of semester needs are, we’ve got some tips and tricks to help you make the most out of these last few weeks.

Keep up with your course load

This should be your highest priority. Midterm grades are, for better or for worse, a reflection of your academic standing. So, if those results do not look as great as you’d hoped they would, don’t hesitate to ask professors for advice on how to improve for upcoming exams or projects; in fact, many often encourage students to drop in for office hours. Additionally, consider attending supplemental instruction sessions and T.A. office hours when applicable because they have likely taken the class before. If you’d like more private, one-on-one help, Case Western Reserve University offers both individual and group peer tutoring services, which you can schedule for one-time homework help or on a regular basis. Moreover, if you feel that any of the classes you are enrolled in won’t be advantageous in the long run, there’s nothing wrong with considering dropping it. Your academic advisors are great resources to discuss your options if this is the situation in which you find yourself.

Organize your academic plan

Course registration for the summer 2023 sessions and fall 2023 semester are fast approaching and the Shopping Cart is now open. To ensure you continue on the right track, we recommend meeting with your academic major advisors to figure out which classes are best suited for your academic and career goals. It is also a good idea to do your own research on your major, potential minors and general education requirements, then writing a general outline on how to accomplish them. Having this tangible plan will help you to make sure you’re on track to graduate. However you choose to plan, you can apply for summer courses on April 3rd.

Plan for extracurriculars inside and outside of school

In addition to planning your future courses, it’s important to keep an eye on your future extracurricular activities. For seniors, this could mean looking forward to life after college and the responsibilities which accompany that or mentoring underclassmen with the knowledge you’ve gained in college. For the underclassmen, it could be taking on more responsibility in clubs or finding activities that better suit your future. And for those who just want time to travel or meet up with friends, now is the perfect time to look into future travel expenses and accommodations.

Get outside and take care of yourself

Speaking of relaxing times, now is the time to enjoy the fleeting spring time. You can get more involved with campus activities, explore Cleveland or just take a walk to appreciate the warmer weather. This time can also be used to prepare for the fast-approaching beach season. Some might want to slim down, while others may prefer to build a bit of muscle before hitting the sand. For those looking to trim, more cardio and a healthy caloric deficit is recommended, while those building muscle should have a high protein intake and more anaerobic exercise, such as weightlifting. Creating positive eating habits, engaging in consistent exercise and getting enough sleep are crucial for any goals that you might have for the summer. No matter what you hope to achieve, keep in mind that any goal should be realistic and attainable.

So, as the weather begins to warm up and the semester draws to a close, it’s important we don’t lose sight of our goals. Take advantage of this time to have one last look at the semester and see if there’s anything you want to improve on or changes you think you should plan for. But make sure to find time for self-care and to enjoy the beautiful spring weather.