Abigail Wilkov excels on and off the diving board


Courtesy of CWRU Athletics

Abigail Wilkov breaks program records with three All-America honors and a top eight finish at the 2023 NCAA Division III Swimming and Diving Championships, held March 15-18.

Paola Van der Linden Costello, Staff Writer

In the short time that she has been a diver at Case Western Reserve University, second-year Abigail Wilkov has made program history multiple times. She became the first ever female diver to earn an All-America status in program history and the first CWRU diver to finish in the top eight at NCAA championship in the 2021-2022 season. She recently earned her third career All-America honors at the 2023 NCAA Division III Swimming and Diving Championships, finishing seventh-place and matching her own program record from the year prior. Her passion and performance extends well beyond her performance as an athlete, being deeply involved in her academics and extracurriculars. 

Wilkov is from Solon, Ohio—a Cleveland suburb—and is completing her degree in neuroscience and cognitive science. She started diving competitively in high school, after quitting gymnastics. She was a four-year member of the Solon High School swimming and diving team and served as team captain her senior year. 

Wilkov tells us that her favorite part about diving is “being able to push myself to do new things that I didn’t think were possible. I also love competing and training to perfect my skills.” 

At a school like CWRU, being a student athlete is difficult, but Wilkov always makes sure that she can “put aside time for self-care and for having fun.” She chose CWRU because the university gave her the opportunity to “study neuroscience at a high level and compete in diving.” The school was also “perfect-sized and in an amazing location,” which for her means close to home. 

Apart from diving, Wilkov works as an undergraduate research assistant at the Broihier lab, which studies neurodevelopmental disorders with the Drosophila fly model. As a neuroscience major, Wilkov enjoys “learning about the brain and how it is a vital part in everything we do.” After graduating from college, she hopes to continue her education and eventually “study neurodevelopmental disorders and help improve the quality of life of [the] individuals impacted.”

 She is also part of the Case Association of Student Athletes (CASA) and on the executive board of the Hidden Opponent. She is “really grateful for being part of the Hidden Opponent as it is an amazing organization that supports athlete mental health. I have learned so much about the importance of taking care of mental health and [the] ways that good mental health can enhance performance.”

Wilkov is the first CWRU diver to earn multiple First Team All-America honors—an accolade she is proud to have.

“It is crazy to be able to have this honor. I love representing CWRU at the national level and am grateful I can leave a lasting mark on athletics here.” 

Being such a highly accomplished student athlete is difficult, but Wilkov is an extremely hardworking and passionate student. She is also very determined and makes sure to finish what she started. This is what makes her a great athlete, student and peer. 

Wilkov tells us, “I am always trying to be better than I was the previous day, which drives me to always [do] my best.”