The university did not properly inform us of Adam Savage’s visit

The university informing no one of Adam Savage’s presence is a colossal misstep, especially on the campus of a school that touts itself as an engineering school.

Yes, there was a Daily article and information on the engineering school website, but from a practical standpoint, no one knew. Otherwise, we undoubtedly would have been excitedly telling everyone we could about his visit. Compare this to the “Captain America: Civil War” ticket announcement from the day before; the entire undergraduate population knew before sunset. Yet no one knew about Savage’s visit until after he’d left.

I can understand the man being busy and not wanting undergraduate attention. But failing to inform us of his visit is insulting to the motivations, inspirations and maturity of many students here.

Yes, it’s nice that think[box] exists, but without the ideas and people to use it, think[box] is worthless. The community is where the true scientific spirit lies, a spirit that Savage has been shown to promote on “MythBusters.” I’d argue a majority of students on this campus were inspired somehow by the show to pursue STEM careers, including myself, and so to effectively ensure ignorance of one of campus society’s most fundamental influences is deeply shameful.

Some theorize that we could have been informed of his visit while asking us to remain respectful of his schedule. We’re adults here. Don’t be afraid to treat us that way. Others say that, perhaps as a nod to his influence to our campus, we could invite him for a commencement address at some point. Still others say we ought to send him a letter from the student body signed by as many of us as possible, at least to give him a true sense of the campus community. Either way, many have expressed their strong discontent with the university as a result of their decision to keep us in the dark.

So yes, I can understand the university’s decision not to inform the student body of Adam Savage’s visit. But quite a few people do not like it. This kind of stifling of scientific ideals goes directly against what the university says it values. What the university does next is not something I as an uninformed student can know. But many students are angry enough to speak up. Whatever decisions are made going forward, please keep that much at least in mind.