“An Evening with Silk Sonic” is an evening well spent

An Evening with Silk Sonic is the debut album of new band Silk Sonic, made up of Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak.

Courtesy of Atlantic Records

“An Evening with Silk Sonic” is the debut album of new band Silk Sonic, made up of Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak.

Christie Lanfear, Staff Writer

The release of “An Evening with Silk Sonic” by Silk Sonic has been anticipated for what feels like forever. The superstar duo of Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak released two teaser songs from the album earlier this year: “Leave The Door Open” and “Skate.” Despite the two man band being relatively new, their first two songs skyrocketed in popularity, topping the charts. Fans, such as myself, couldn’t fathom the idea of anything better than their first two songs, even knowing how prolific music makers the two are. However, I could not have been more wrong—this album is even more amazing that any fan could ever have hoped for. 

This blissful collaboration of phenomenal musical minds creates easily the most feel-good album out right now. The entire 31 minutes and 19 seconds are a beautiful blend of 1970s soul and 21st century humor that leave you smiling and attempting—and most likely failing—to resist the urge to dance. 

Each song in the album has its own purpose, with all nine harmoniously taking listeners on a musical journey. The artists open the album with a one minute intro, which promises listeners ample entertainment and encourages them to give themselves over to the music. The first full song of the album is the sultry “Leave The Door Open,” which perfectly sets the tone for the remainder of the album by inviting listeners to sit down and enjoy the emotions that are to come. The duo promise to “…leave the door open…” and that if you “come on over, [they’ll] adore you”. 

Next comes “Fly As Me,” which celebrates the duo’s success and expresses how their listeners deserve to be with someone as great as they are. It is perfect for getting listeners to appreciate their self worth, and perhaps feel a bit more braggadocious. Listen to this song if you are ever doubting yourself, and I can assure you that your mood will be lifted. 

The third song, “After Last Night,” is a statement about abandoning the “player” life and choosing love instead. They describe the feelings of not being able to get someone off your mind and the excitement that comes with it. You can’t help but smile when listening to this one.

“Smokin Out the Window” comes next. As a perfect sequel to the previous song, it describes the unexpected—and apparently slightly annoying—aspects of being in a committed relationship. They talk about how something that started off carefree turned into a relationship that got them going to Tiffanys and “smokin’ out the window.” This song is a humorous celebration of the unpredictable and sometimes frustrating nature of love. 

The following song, “Put On A Smile,” makes you do exactly what the title says. The artists describe the sadness that accompanies being apart from a loved one as well as the happiness that comes with being reunited. Once you see them again, they are “the only thing worth smiling for.” 

“777” has a singular and very clear meaning: celebrate your success because you deserve it. Mars and .Paak sing about everything from buying cars to buying Las Vegas. As one of the most upbeat songs of the album, listening will very quickly put you in a carefree mood. 

The other previously released song is next: “Skate.” Celebrating women, the duo use humorous complimentary phrases targeted at the listener, making the song a confidence-boosting delight. The song even begins with the compliment, “in a room full of dimes / you would be a hundred dollars.” Listen to this song and I promise that you will feel like that hundred-dollar bill. 

Finishing the album off is “Blast Off,” which encourages the listener to let their emotions take them away and “blast off into the sky.” 

I encourage everyone to spend half an hour accompanied by Silk Sonic and let yourself be taken away. I am not exaggerating when I say that your musical mind will be blown. By the time you finish this album, your worries will have been replaced by an unequivocal sense of euphoria. And don’t we all need a little more of that right now?