Arts After Dark unites campus performers and arts supporters


Julia Knight, Staff Reporter

Arts enthusiasts were scattered around Harkness Chapel on Saturday evening, relaxed and ready to watch performances by a variety of their musical peers. Arts After Dark is a semesterly event organized by the Music Undergraduate Student Involvement Committee to showcase the outstanding talent on campus.

The event features musicians, dancers, singers and performing groups. Students from all majors and years participate, regardless of their previous performing experience.

Joana Kyle, a first-year pre-medicine student with a background in music, was eager to attend the event. She was unsure of what to expect but was pleasantly surprised by the diversity of talent that the student performers brought to the stage.

“I loved the event. To my surprise, there were vocal, instrumental and dance performances,” said Kyle. “Each performance was very different from one another.”

A particularly memorable moment for Kyle occurred when a ballerina performed en pointe in the first half of the concert. She gracefully glided across the stage on her toes and captivativated the audience with her emotional facial expressions.

“I’ve not had much exposure to [ballet en pointe],” said Kyle. “Dancing on your toes is very difficult, yet the dancer made it look effortless and flawless.”

Aside from the phenomenal dancing, there were many student performing groups who came to share their passion for music with the crowd. Voices of Glory, a gospel choral group, sang songs of praise and encouraged the audience to join in.

All six gospel singers had remarkable intonation. The lead male singer’s vocal range was extraordinary, he sang runs from his high falsetto all the way down to his low baritone register. The blend of his voice with the choir allowed for stunning harmonies, and everyone in the chapel passionately cheered as the group humbly exited the stage.

A singer herself, Kyle appreciated the musicality of Voices of Glory and the other Arts After Dark performers.

“Music has been a huge part of my life,” said Kyle. “So I always love watching others perform, too.”

Arts After Dark is a great venue for artists and performing arts-devotees from all academic disciplines to come together in support of each others’ musical goals. The determination and passion of the performers were infectious.

The success of Arts After Dark resonated with Kyle and other attendees. After experiencing the event, Kyle will not only attend them in the future, but may perform herself.

“I will definitely attend future Arts After Dark events,” she said. “I’m even considering performing next time.”